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Landscape with figures on left, water on right

CAT 147 Perelle figures left water rigtht EBC.jpg

CAT 147. Drawn and engraved by Perelle. Landscape with figures on left, water on right. Published by Drevet (avec Privilege). Paris, n.d. E. Barton Chapin Jr. Family Collection.

Here the tiny figures in the landscape to the left are dwarfed by the huge tree that bisects the composition, setting off the lovely sheen of the water through the foliage to the right. Again, one bright spot of light highlights the path of the figures, catching also the edges of the cattle and trees behind them. Here, even more than in the previous engraving, a cloudy, turbulent sky intensifies the exposure of the figures and repose of the liquid surface. 

One can imagine this image as representing another hour or another day in the passage of the figures in the previous engraving though the landscape. Many of sequences preserved in the Dresden album begin with figures standing near a substantial habitation who move out into and through an open landscape, returning at the end of the sequence. In this case, the copy of the print in the Dresden album matches the copy in Melville’s collection in being published by Drevet (no. 365, A 70557).