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Sheaf of wheat, man praying, valley.

CAT 65 artist and publishier unknown Sheaf of wheat, man praying, valley BA 68.jpg

CAT 64. Engraver, artist unknown. Sheaf of wheat, man praying, valley. Cut out from unknown publication, date unknown. Melville Memorial Room, Berkshire Athenaeum.

In size, this rectangular engraving closely resembles that of the Song of Solomon images CAT 60 and 61. The bearded man in prayerful meditation, having laid aside a sheaf of wheat in the foreground of a deeply recessed mountain valley, conveys a strong sense of spiritual devotion in a landscape inhabited by a religious community sheltered by the structure at the foot of the valley. In its topographical declivity and spiritual activity, this pictorial world resembles that of CAT 54.  On the verso of this print are sketchy, penciled lines such as a child might have drawn (as was also the case with CAT 60-62).